Sunday, 18 August 2013

Math - Day 3 Blog

Matching Skills

To Teachers and Parents,

Q : How to teach 'matching' and 'sorting' to children in the correct order? 

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Matching and Sorting (Each day there is a variation)

a) Day 1 - match by type, colour, orientation or size

b) Day 2 - match

c) Day 3 - match by Colour                                                            

d) Day 4 - match by Design - Reception

e) Day 5 - match by Design - Production - children are asked to colour.

f) Day 6 - match by Functions

g) Day 7 - sort one out

h) Day 8 - sort which is essentially many-to-one matching

i) Day 9 - sort - generalizing to less familiar situations

The benefits of matching and sorting help children to improve in their thinking skill, logical skill, visual skill, mathematical skill and receptiveness.


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