Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Reflection (1)

It has been a long long time since I played with tangrams. I always marvel how my kindergarten children played with it. They always feel very proud with their 'masterpieces'.

It has been a very interesting evening, learning about tangrams, guess and check, equal parts question and MOE maths syllabus expectation.

I have a good time fiddling and rotating the tangrams. I believe the benefits of playing with tangrams will help our children to share and talk about the shapes and pictures they have made. I believe as our children explore, they will become more familiar with the size and the shape orientation of the pieces. Then they may begin to discover the properties and the relationship between and among the seven pieces.

As what Dr Yeap summarizes the three ways of teaching (methods):
1) Do not do anything - let the children explore
2) Scaffolding
3) Role model

I like the idea of the 'Journal'. P1 children are asked/encouraged to pen what they have learned in the journal - 'Journal is the Mathematics'. I believe this method is quite effective. It will indeed help the P1 children to learn, revise and reflect on the concepts. In the long run, this method will actually help to build their maths foundation well.

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